Agro Solvent Products Pvt Ltd processes agro-commodities like Soybeans and Rapeseed to make ingredients for food, feed, and nutritional industries.

Our focus commodity is 100% Non-GMO Soybeans, which is nature’s best source of protein. A single seed composes of about 38% high quality protein, 18% oil for human consumption and to manufacture lecithin for emulsification and vitamin E, 15% fiber for normal digestive health, and all nine amino acids for development of adults and children.


The processing of Soybeans includes cleaning, conditioning, cracking, dehulling, and flaking. These flakes are then fed into a solvent extraction plant where oil is extracted from them. Afterwards, flakes are dried to create ‘defatted soybean flakes’ which are then converted into various product categories like white flakes, grits, soya flours, soya meal for animal feed, texturized vegetable proteins. The extracted oil is further water degummed to make soya lecithin and its derivatives, and remaining oil is neutralized, bleached, and deodorized to make refined soybean oil for human consumption.

Our new unit Sun Nutrafoods, located at Mandideep Bhopal, is exclusively marketing and producing food and neutraceutical products. For further information kindly visit website