Establishment of Vigil Mechanism for Directors and Employees

As per sec 177(9) and Rule 7 of (Meetings of Board and its Powers Rules, 2014), the Company has appointed Mr. Jayant Kothari, Director of the Company, for the purpose of vigil mechanism to address genuine concerns of directors and employees.

Mr. Jayant Kothari may be reached at Mobile # +91-9425646512 or E-mail:

Exhibiting at FIE Paris in 2015

New unit Sun Nutrafoods at Mandideep-Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh.

To fulfill our customer’s requirement for high quality food and neutraceutical products, we decided to invest in a green field project at Mandideep, Bhopal. This facility is designed with a vision to have state of the art technology so our customers enjoy highest quality ingredients. To begin with we intend to produce variety of soy lecithins, fractionated lecithin, and texturized soy protein ingredients.

Best SME Customer award by State Bank of India, Madhya Pradesh

CSR Development: Public park in Datia city